AI Technology Nabs Impersonator and Cheaters During JEE Main 2024 Session 2

Among the 2.35 lakh applicants who participated on Thursday, nearly 90% of them attended the JEE exam, demonstrating significant participation in this high-stakes assessment.During the exam, one case of impersonation and nine instances of unfair practices were detected across various centers nationwide. Notably, in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, remote AI technology was instrumental in uncovering the case of impersonation, showcasing the efficacy of technological tools in maintaining exam integrity.

During the commencement of the Joint Entrance Examination—Main (JEE-Main) Session 2, authorities successfully identified one case of impersonation and detected nine instances of unfair practices. Leveraging remote AI technology for biometric matching, the impersonation case was promptly uncovered. Out of the 2.35 lakh applicants who participated in the exam, approximately 2.1 lakh candidates, accounting for nearly 90% of the total, were present.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) issued a stern warning against unfair means and collaborations aimed at subverting the integrity of the examination process. Implementing stringent measures, including technological tools, NTA remains steadfast in its commitment to thwart cheating attempts during these high-stakes assessments.

NTA sources revealed that while nine instances of unfair practices were identified nationwide, one case of impersonation was unearthed at a centre in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The utilization of AI for remote biometric matching had been previously announced by NTA, marking a significant advancement in examination surveillance.

An official from NTA’s Command Control Room disclosed, “Once the exam commenced, all images and biometrics captured during entry were scrutinized. After approximately 45 minutes, the case of impersonation was detected, and the candidate in question confessed upon interrogation.”

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Among the nine instances of unfair practices were instances of candidates using paper chits and attempting to sneak cell phones into the examination hall. NTA Director General Subodh Kumar Singh emphasized that while most infractions were observed at examination centres, continuous monitoring from the Command Control Room ensured a comprehensive oversight across 544 centres in 297 cities.

Singh emphasized, “The command centre maintains a high level of vigilance, ensuring officials at examination centres remain alert throughout the process. Moreover, the use of remote AI technology enables real-time matching, allowing swift intervention to prevent any malpractice.”

NTA remains vigilant even after the conclusion of the examination, as they continue to analyze data for patterns, review video footage, and scrutinize question attempt logs to identify any irregularities. JEE (Main) Session 2, scheduled until April 12, has attracted a total of 12.57 lakh applicants. The merit list for admission to engineering and architecture programs in centrally funded technical institutions will be based on the performance in both examination sessions. Candidates participating in both sessions will be evaluated for final merit consideration, with the highest scorer securing top honours.

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