Himachal Pradesh Witnesses Record-Breaking Tourism with Over 1 Crore Tourists in the First 6 Months of 2023

The state seeks to encourage green tourism to ensure a safe and pollution-free environment.

The number of visitors to Himachal Pradesh has surpassed one million in the first half of this year, marking the biggest footfall in the previous six years. As of June of this year, there were 1.6 crore visits, including 28,239 overseas visitors and 99,78,504 local visitors.

HP CM plans to host 5-crore tourists every year

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu credited his administration’s initiatives to support the tourist infrastructure from the onset for this success. Travellers from all over the world come to the state to see its enthralling landscapes because of its appeal as an all-season destination, he claimed. He stated that the state administration has a lofty goal of yearly hosting five crore tourists.

With a potential expenditure of Rs 3,000 crore set aside for this project in the near future, the state is aggressively establishing Kangra as its tourist hub in order to achieve this aim, according to Sukhu. The establishment of heliports throughout all districts and the expansion of the Kangra airport are top priorities for improving road and air connectivity, he noted.

The state seeks to encourage green tourism to ensure a safe and pollution-free environment and to provide both direct and indirect job possibilities for its citizens, according to the chief minister, who stressed that sustainability is at the centre of the tourist vision.