Kerala Launches AI Training for 80,000 Secondary School Teachers

The state of Kerala is all set to provide comprehensive training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to approximately 80,000 secondary school teachers across the state…..

The state of Kerala is all set to provide comprehensive training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to approximately 80,000 secondary school teachers across the state. The shift in the teaching practices, owing to AI, will be a stepping stone in the education system and will change the dynamics of the education landscape in India. The program, organized by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), is scheduled to commence on May 2 and spans three days, aiming to equip educators teaching Classes 8 to 12 with essential AI skills by August 2024.

What is KITE’s aim?

According to KITE, the training agenda includes hands-on sessions in Prompt Engineering and Machine Learning, enabling teachers to craft precise prompts essential for effective AI utilization and engage with programming mechanisms. The endeavour is aimed at empowering teachers and to train them to employ specialised AI with expertise, as outlined in an official statement released in Kerala. The training’s overarching goal is to enable teachers to personalize learning activities for individual students and tailor resources to accommodate diverse learning needs, including students with disabilities.

Central to the training curriculum is the utilization of AI tools for document summarization, enabling educators to distill complex information from PDFs, images, and videos into concise, informative summaries. Additionally, teachers will learn techniques to create subject-specific visuals, transform them into cartoons or paintings, and integrate text seamlessly, enhancing classroom engagement and content delivery.Through data visualization techniques, educators will explore AI’s potential in crafting dynamic presentations, animations, and customizing tables, graphs, and charts to meet educational needs.

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In preparation for this massive training initiative, KITE has outlined meticulous guidelines. Each training batch will consist of 25 teachers equipped with laptops and mobile devices. Teachers will utilize dedicated G-Suite accounts provided by KITE to ensure data privacy during AI tool usage, eliminating the need for personal email credentials.

How will KITE prepare for this endeavour?

K. Anvar Sadath, Chief Executive Officer of KITE, emphasized that the program not only imparts AI skills but also cultivates responsible AI usage among teachers. Participants will be equipped to identify potential risks associated with AI, grasp concepts like deepfakes through avatar creation, and understand privacy concerns and algorithm biases.

Notably, 180 Master Trainers of KITE have already completed a rigorous one-month AI training program in preparation for the rollout. Initial sessions will target Higher Secondary and High School IT coordinators and little KITEs masters, setting the stage for widespread adoption of AI in Kerala’s secondary education sector.