MP BJP files FIR against Priyanka Gandhi and Kamalnath for “50 percent commission” charge

13 August, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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Counteracting Priyanka Gandhi's claims, MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra deemed her allegation false and criticized the Congress party's approach.

Complaints have been filed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in Madhya Pradesh against prominent Congress members including Priyanka Gandhi, Kamal Nath, and Arun Yadav, regarding Twitter posts that accused the Madhya Pradesh state government of engaging in corrupt activities, as per police reports.

A statement issued on the official Twitter handle of the Indore Commissioner of Police late Saturday night revealed that Nimesh Pathak, the legal cell convener of the local BJP, submitted a complaint regarding the circulation of a purported fake letter on social media. The letter, attributed to Gyanendra Awasthi, claimed that contractors in the state were being compelled to pay a commission of 50 percent. This led to the registration of a case under sections 420 and 469 of the IPC at the Sanyogitaganj police station in Indore.

A parallel case under sections 469, 500, and 501 of the IPC has been registered in Bhopal following a complaint from local party leaders, authorities confirmed.

Earlier, Priyanka Gandhi, Congress national general secretary, alleged on Friday that a consortium of contractors in Madhya Pradesh had written to the Chief Justice of the High Court, asserting that their payments were contingent on paying a 50 percent commission.

In response, Kamal Nath and Arun Yadav echoed similar sentiments in their posts.

Counteracting Priyanka Gandhi’s claims, MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra deemed her allegation false and criticized the Congress party’s approach. He highlighted that this move reflected Congress’ inclination toward baseless politics and asserted that the party lacked substantial issues in the state.

Mishra challenged the Congress figures to substantiate their claims, underlining the significance of evidence in such matters. He accused them of disseminating misleading information and eroding public trust.

The political exchange underscores the intensifying discourse between the BJP and Congress, accentuating the narrative of corruption allegations and challenges to provide factual evidence.

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