Tuesday, November 28, 2023

PM Modi Reaffirms Support for Israel Amid Ongoing Conflict

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In the midst of the intense Israeli military offensive in Gaza following the Hamas terror attacks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a crucial phone conversation with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday. During this exchange, Prime Minister Modi reiterated his unwavering support for the people of Israel.

Taking to his official social media platform, Prime Minister Modi shared insights into his conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating, “I express my gratitude to Prime Minister @netanyahu for his telephone call and for keeping me informed about the ongoing situation. The people of India stand resolutely with Israel during these challenging times. India vehemently condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.”

On Saturday, in a display of solidarity with Israel following the devastating rocket attacks by Hamas, Prime Minister Modi conveyed his heartfelt thoughts and prayers, as well as those of his fellow countrymen, to the innocent victims and their families. He shared this sentiment on the same social media platform, saying, “I am deeply shocked by the news of terrorist attacks in Israel. Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with Israel during this difficult hour.”

Israel’s Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for his support through a social media post, saying, “Once again, thank you PM @narendramodi-ji. Due to the overwhelming support we receive from our Indian brothers and sisters, I regretfully cannot individually thank each and every one of you. Please accept this as my appreciation to all our friends.”

According to the latest reports, the relentless rocket attacks by Hamas have tragically claimed the lives of at least 900 Israelis, with over 2,616 individuals sustaining injuries.

In an update provided by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on another social media platform, the IDF reported that Hamas currently holds approximately 30 hostages in Gaza as the conflict continues. It was also disclosed that over 4,500 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel, prompting the Israeli defense forces to target 1,290 Hamas installations in Gaza. The Israeli Air Force has been conducting extensive operations against various targets belonging to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

An IDF spokesperson confirmed that 123 soldiers have lost their lives in the conflict, and 50 families have received notifications of their relatives being kidnapped by Hamas.

In response to the Hamas attacks, Israel has mobilized an astounding 300,000 troops within the last 48 hours. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, providing an update on the mobilization, remarked that the IDF “has never mobilized so many reservists so quickly—300,000 reservists in 48 hours. This marks the largest mobilization since the 1973 Yom Kippur War when Israel called up 400,000 reservists, as reported by the Times of Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces announced that they have successfully regained control over the Gaza Strip border, 72 hours after Hamas terrorists breached sections of the barrier and launched an invasion that resulted in over 1,000 Israelis being killed or abducted.

On Monday, Israeli Air Force aircraft targeted several locations used by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. These airstrikes included an attack on a building utilized for Hamas investigations, an operational infrastructure situated within a mosque, an underground tunnel shaft belonging to the terrorist organization, and military facilities employed by Hamas.

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