PM Modi’s bond with peacocks is taking Internet by a storm, take a look

23 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

Modi-Peacocks Offbeat

Prime Minister Modi has released a 1:47 minute video on the official social media handles, and in the video he shows his deep bond with peacocks. In fact, they are a common companion for him at his...

Prime Minister Modi, released an 1:47 minute video on his official social media handles, which showed him spending some time peacocks, at his official Lok Kalyan Marg residence. The video was shared along with a poem in Hindi. It shows his bond with the majestic birds.

In some of the shots, Modi is feeding them peahens, while in others, the animals are waling around the lush residence, while the Prime Minister does his routine morning exercises. Peacocks are a common companion for Modi.

PM Modi has placed Chabootras (elevated structures found in rural India) where birds can make their nests, in his official residence.

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He has also written two books on the envrionment and how we can take care of it – “Convenient Action: Gujarat’s Response to Challenges of Climate Change” and “Convenient Action- Continuity for Change” – highlighting his vision for the environment.

PM Modi also pioneered the launch of International Solar Alliance to utlize solar energy for a better future.

As Chief Minister of Gujarat, PM Modi ensured the state was among the first in India and the world to have a climate change department.

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