Sunday, December 10, 2023

Uorfi Javed controversy-stirring comment taken out of context: Chetan Bhagat

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Chetan Bhagat has delivered a statement on his ongoing feud with reality TV star Uorfi Javed.

Chetan took to Twitter to claim that his contentious remark was taken out of context “I advised boys to prioritise health and their careers above Instagram. That appears to be unacceptable! So they snip my comment, take it out of context, add stuff I never said to the title, and make a click-bait post with ageism thrown in. Without a doubt.”

Incident arose when Chetan Bhagat cited Uorfi Javed’s name while claiming that young people nowadays spend a lot of time on Instagram during his speech at a literary event organised by a media firm..

During the occasion, Chetan Bhagat stated, “Phones have become a big distraction for the kids, particularly lads, who may spend hours simply watching Instagram Reels. Everyone is familiar with Uorfi Javed. What are you going to do with her photos? Is it going to come up in your examinations, or will you go to a job interview and tell the interviewer that you know all of her outfits?”

“On one side, there is a kid who is safeguarding our nation at Kargil, while on the other side, there is another youth who is watching Uorfi Javed’s images while hiding in their blankets,” he continued.

Following his comment, Uorfi Javed charged towards the author with all weapons blazing. She said that she had been brought into the argument needlessly.

Uorfi on her Instagram stories said, “Men like him will constantly blame the ladies rather than confront their own flaws. Stop encouraging rape culture, you sickos. Mr Chetan Bhagat, blaming women’s clothing for men’s behaviour is so 1980s.”

She also shared screenshots of Bhagat’s allegedly leaked WhatsApp messages during 2018 “Me Too” movement.

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