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WCF Day 2: 180 Countries Unite in Prayer for Ukraine’s Peace at Washington DC Under Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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In an inspiring and heartfelt demonstration of unity, individuals hailing from 180 countries came together on the National Mall during Day 2 of the World Culture Festival to offer their prayers for peace in Ukraine. Guided by the revered global spiritual leader, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, this gathering exemplified the power of India as a unifying global force.

Under a vivid array of flags billowing harmoniously in the background, people representing diverse corners of the world embraced one another, celebrating the rich tapestry of global cultures through the universal languages of dance, music, and cuisine. This monumental event showcased India’s ability to bring people together on a global scale.

Yoga and Meditation Session Sets the Tone

The day began with an awe-inspiring scene at the historic Lincoln Memorial, where a thousand individuals unfurled their yoga mats to participate in a unique yoga, breathwork, and meditation session led by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This collective endeavour laid the foundation for an evening filled with soul-stirring performances, thought-provoking speeches, and an undeniable sense of interconnectedness.

Former President of India, Sri Ramnath Kovind, eloquently acknowledged the magnitude of the gathering, saying, “People from mountains to coastal plains, river valleys to deserts have congregated here. In doing so, you (Gurudev) have created a microcosm of the global family.”

Ukrainian Song Inspires Spontaneous Peace Prayer

Among the captivating cultural presentations was a traditional Ukrainian song, beautifully conducted by renowned Ukrainian musician Olena Astasheva, who had left her homeland due to the ongoing war. Touched by her performance, the audience spontaneously joined in a heartfelt prayer for peace in Ukraine, led by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself.

Distinguished Speakers Share Their Vision Of A Better World

Rev. Gerald L. Durley delivered an electrifying speech, exclaiming, “We need to change the name of the Art of Living to the Art of Living Proof because you (Gurudev) are proving that you can love, you can share, you can have compassion.”

American venture capital investor Tim Draper shared his admiration, stating, “We (Americans) used to call people from other countries aliens. And it was not a nice term. And somehow, though, we’ve started to bring people together, and under Gurudev’s leadership, we’ve brought people together, and no longer is anyone on the earth an alien. But if there were an alien on this earth and they said take me to your leader, I would point them to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!”

Other notable speakers on Day 2 included Prithvirajsing Roopun, President of Mauritius; Former President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind; Mrs. Akie Abe, Former First Lady and wife of the late Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe; and Dr. Vivek Murthy, US Surgeon General, among others.

A Tapestry of Global Performances

The cultural highlights on Day 2 were nothing short of breathtaking. They included a vibrant Garba performance led by the Grammy-winning Indian American singer Falu Shah, with over 10,000 participants. A jubilant Bhangra performance featuring 200 dancers, an Irish step dance, ethereal Afghan melodies, and a spectacular ensemble of 1,000 Chinese American vocalists and dancers, accompanied by a mesmerizing Kung Fu performance featuring majestic dragons and lions brought to life through artistry and imagination.

The festivities continued with unforgettable performances from Indonesia, Brazil, Bolivia, and various Latin American countries. Hip-hop and breakdance performers, led by legends like Kurtis Blow, enthralled the audience, while a 1,200-strong Gospel choir delivered a powerful and moving performance. The Pakistani contingent also left an indelible mark with their mesmerizing presentation.

Addressing Loneliness and Isolation

Reflecting on the significance of such gatherings, Dr. Vivek Murthy, US Surgeon General, emphasized, “Celebrations like today’s World Culture Festival are powerful because they remind us of how essential our connections to one another are. We need that reminder today more than ever because loneliness and isolation have become epidemics that are fueling mental health issues and contributing to physical illnesses like dementia and heart disease, now threatening the very well-being of our communities.”

The World Culture Festival’s Day 2 under the guidance of spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was not just a showcase of diverse cultures but also a poignant display of global unity, reminding the world that in times of strife, people from all walks of life can come together and pray for peace, transcending boundaries, and fostering hope for a brighter future.

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