Kathmandu: Protest in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu turned violent on Monday when scuffle broke between the disgruntled protestors and police. The protest, which entered the second day today, left three people severely injured.
Three protestors of the alliance, who were injured, have been identified as Santosh Tumbuhamfe, Sona Hang Rai and Aman Dhimal.
They are being treated in Trauma Center, Kathmandu.
Protest which started from Sunday ended calmly but Monday it witnessed crackdown from the government side. The alliance blamed the government for crackdown on the protestors who were staging a silent protest in Maitighar Mandala.
The alliance also blamed the government for violating their basic rights to demonstrate. The protestors in Kathmandu were seen chanting anti-government slogans demanding the constitution to be rewritten.
They were claiming the constitution, which was drafted in September, is incomplete and fails to fulfil the promises of equal rights for the marginalized groups.
Nepal which has witnessed a decade long insurgency and a devastating earthquake in April last year faced interruption in Nepal- India border because of the interruption by Madhesi parties. The agitating Madhesi parties blocked the border halting the supply of essential goods and petroleum from India.
The unrest and protest in southern plains of Nepal which lasted for eight months became more violent taking more than 50 lives. The demonstration, which is centered in Kathmandu, aimed in pressurizing the government to address demands of the dis-satisfied groups has vowed to continue their protest program until and unless the government gets ready to address their demands.