AIIMS Nagpur develops smart wristband for tracking, monitoring Covid-19 suspects

23 July, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

AIIMS Nagpur Gadgets

AIIMS Nagpur in collaboration with IIT Nagpur and IIT Jodhpur has designed and developed a model for tracking and monitoring Covid-19 suspects. Know all the details about the device here.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Nagpur, has designed and developed a prototype for tracking and keeping a record of Covid-19 suspects. AIIMS Nagpur did this in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur and IIT Nagpur. The device has been developed to work on those aspects also, where the existing Coronavirus tracing apps didn’t reach.

The device is physically a smart wrist band. The current coronavirus tracing apps have certain limitations. These apps require a stable internet connection, and also they require for the infected person to continuously use their phone. These mobile apps use GPS and methods like cell tower triangulation. The locations tracked by these apps may vary up to a diameter of 1km. Hence, they do not tell the accurate location.

The app does not give updates on the real-time health condition of the infected person. The symptoms and updates given are based on the infected person’s own self-assessment. Dr Prathamesh Kamble, Assistant Professor of Physiology at AIIMS Nagpur shared that, The novel device can provide mobile free operation, using a geofencing technology which will provide a real-time alert on any breach in the quarantine zone.

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The device designed by AIIMS and IITs indigenously will not only provide accurate movements but also the real-time symptoms of the person wearing it. It will show complete data of the person, including their pulse rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, and, respiratory rate. This information will be stored on a cloud, overseen by health workers far away. This is developed by Dr Mayur Parate and Dr Ankit Bhurane, pass outs from IIT Nagpur. The device will work on a system much better than GPS.

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