Thursday, November 30, 2023

Delhi Jewelry Burglary Case: ‘High Profile Thief’ Arrested in Chhattisgarh

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Delhi’s Bhogal burglary case has been successfully cracked through a joint operation involving Chhattisgarh Police and Delhi Police, resulting in the arrest of a “high-profile” thief responsible for the theft of jewelry valued at approximately Rs 25 crore earlier this week.

According to Additional SP Bilaspur, Sanjay Dhruv, Delhi Police had been actively working to resolve the burglary case, while Bilaspur Police had also been engaged in investigating thefts within their jurisdiction. The arrested individual hails from Durg in Chhattisgarh, and local authorities had already gathered some leads on his activities.

“In a joint operation of Chhattisgarh Police and Delhi Police, a burglary case in a jewelry shop in Delhi has been solved. The accused has been arrested, and further investigation is underway. The accused is a high-profile type of thief… We were constantly monitoring his movement, and then further action was taken,” Sanjay Dhruv confirmed.

Significantly, the stolen jewelry in the Delhi theft case has been recovered, marking a significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation. The officer also acknowledged that there were burglary cases in both Delhi and Bilaspur, and police authorities would continue to pursue appropriate action.

Regarding the accused, Dhruv clarified that the individual was not involved in “small theft crimes” but had been engaged in more substantial thefts, including an incident worth approximately Rs 2 crore in Kawardha. Chhattisgarh Police had been closely monitoring the suspect’s activities, and Durg Police had also maintained vigilance due to his involvement in major thefts across the country.

“We had been keeping a close eye. When we got to know about the Rs 25 crore Delhi theft case, we started keeping an eye on him and coordinated with Delhi Police,” Dhruv elaborated.

The burglary in Bhogal, Delhi, earlier in the week involved thieves gaining access to a jewelry shop by creating a hole in the strong room’s wall. The owner estimated the value of the stolen jewelry at approximately Rs 20-25 crores. Delhi Police had categorized it as a “significant burglary” and initiated a thorough investigation.

Bilaspur SP Santosh Singh confirmed the arrest of a person in Durg during a raid, who is connected to multiple robbery cases registered in the Bilaspur Police Station. An associate of the suspect was also apprehended in Kawardha, and substantial recoveries, including jewelry and cash worth Rs 23 lakh, were made.

The police official revealed that the accused was found in possession of Rs 12.50 lakh in cash, along with over 18kg of gold and diamonds, which included items stolen from the jewelry shop in Delhi’s Bhogal. A Delhi Police team had been dispatched to the location to collaborate on the case.

Officials noted that an inter-state gang had been involved in the theft, and additional information regarding related cases could emerge. Delhi Police had earlier detained two individuals in Chhattisgarh as part of the ongoing investigation.

The owner of the burgled jewelry shop in Bhogal, Sanjeev Jain, expressed his shock at the scene of the crime, discovering a hole in the strong room wall and damaged CCTV cameras upon reopening the shop. Investigators believed that the culprits possessed prior knowledge of the shop’s layout and security systems, indicating a calculated and well-planned act.

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