Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Tackling Pollution: “Delhi government focusing on hot spots…”

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As Delhi braces for the challenges of the impending winter pollution, Gopal Rai, the Environment Minister, underscored the government’s proactive measures in implementing a comprehensive 15-point action plan. Rai, in a conversation he shed light on the origin of the plan, citing Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s initiative driven by the consistent reports of escalating pollution during previous winters.

He emphasized that the Delhi government has taken the helm of the initiatives outlined in the plan, demonstrating a firm commitment to address the critical issue. Rai stated, “CM Arvind Kejriwal announced his 15-point winter action plan on seeing the report of rising pollution every winter. Under that, Delhi government is leading its proceedings.”

Acknowledging the pressing concern over pollution hotspots, the Minister informed the formation of 13 specialized teams to focus exclusively on the designated areas. These teams are tasked with the meticulous execution of the action plan, specifically tailored for the identified pollution hotspots.

Additionally, in a decisive move to combat stubble burning, the government has already initiated the spraying of bio decomposers, underlining its dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Rai elaborated, “To decompose the stubble, the spraying of bio decomposer has been started.”

The current air quality in the national capital adds to the urgency, with Sunday morning recording a ‘poor’ rating and an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 245. Rai reiterated the government’s strict stance on adherence to regulations, emphasizing that notices and fines are being promptly dispatched to those found flouting the rules. Rai stressed, “Notices and challan are being sent to places wherever violation is seen.”

In an effort to reinforce the anti-pollution campaign, Rai highlighted the ongoing Anti-Dust initiative, which has already yielded results through thorough inspections at over 1000 locations. These inspections have led to necessary actions being taken against those found non-compliant. Rai underscored, “Anti-Dust campaign is running in Delhi. In this joint effort, reports of more than 1000 places that were inspected came.”

A recent press release from the Office of the Development Minister confirmed that the Arvind Kejriwal government has initiated the widespread spraying of bio-decomposers across agricultural fields in Delhi. According to the release, Development Minister Gopal Rai inaugurated the ambitious undertaking from Delhi’s Tigipur.

Rai expressed the government’s vision to cover 5,000 acres of agricultural land with the bio-decomposer application this year. To ensure the effective implementation of this endeavor, the government has appointed 13 teams tasked with overseeing the intricate process of bio-decomposer spraying.

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