Tuesday, November 28, 2023

”Every Hamas is a Dead Man”, Says PM Netanyahu; Declares ‘National Emergency’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accompanied by Minister of Defence Yoav Gallant, recently held a press conference to unveil the formation of a “Government of National Emergency.” This coalition includes the Blue and White Party, led by former IDF chief of staff and defense minister Benny Gantz, who played a pivotal role in this initiative.

The press conference followed PM Netanyahu’s fourth personal address since the Hamas attack. During the conference, the Israeli Prime Minister stressed the unity of the Jewish Nation and its leadership in the face of adversity. He went on to compare Hamas to ISIS, highlighting the heinous acts, including the burning of individuals, committed during the recent events. Netanyahu emphasized the profound impact of these attacks, asserting that every Israeli family has a connection to a victim.

“We will collectively defend our homeland,” PM Netanyahu declared, emphasizing the unprecedented global support received by Israel. He underscored that Israel has transitioned to an offensive stance, asserting that every member of Hamas is a target.

Concluding his remarks, he reiterated that all of Israel stands behind its soldiers and expressed confidence in Israel’s ultimate victory.

Benny Gantz, joining the press conference, echoed a sentiment of unity. He declared, “We are all one, we are all enlisting, we have all enlisted [in the fight].” Gantz emphasized that there is only one camp—the camp of the Nation of Israel. He described the partnership with Netanyahu as a matter of fate rather than politics.

Gantz further noted that the entire nation is under an “Order Number 8,” signifying a wartime call-up for reservists, highlighting the unity in government as a reflection of the Israeli people’s desires and needs.

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