Friday, December 1, 2023

Indian Origin Man Charged With Murder of Daughter-in-law in California

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Sital Singh Dosanjh, age 74, the main suspect in the event that happened on September 30 was taken into custody on October 1 at his home in Fresno, according to a statement from the San Jose Police Department (SJPD). “SJPD Homicide Unit Detectives secured a warrant for the arrest of the suspect Sital Singh Dosanjh after concluding that he was the main suspect in this homicide over the course of the investigation. The defendant was found and taken into custody at his Fresno home on October 1, 2022 “said the SJPD.

The defendant was then driven to San Jose and lodged for homicide in the main jail of Santa Clara County.

The Fresno Police Department and the Fresno County Gang Task Force were acknowledged by the SJPD for their cooperation in the investigation and capture of this suspect.

Gurpreet Kaur Dosanjh was reportedly speaking on the phone with her uncle on the afternoon of her death, according to the US newspaper. She spoke to the uncle about her worries about Dosanjh, according to the police report. Additionally, according to reports from the US newspaper, she allegedly informed her uncle that she spotted Donsanjh pulling into the parking lot, indicating that he had travelled 150 miles to get her.

The uncle reportedly stated that his niece sounded “frightened” and that Dosanjh was approaching her car while she was taking a break from work, according to the newspaper.

The uncle claimed to have heard that last before the phone conversation was cut off.

Five hours later, a coworker at Walmart found Gurpreet Kaur Dosanjh’s body in the parking lot with at least two bullet wounds. At the scene, she was pronounced deceased.

SJPD provided information regarding the event, stating that the officers had been called in response to a complaint of a person lying down in a car.

“Officers on the scene and murder investigators were able to pinpoint a suspect who was thought to be responsible for the homicide and were successful in getting an arrest warrant for the individual. Allied law enforcement organisations received information about the suspect, and on Saturday, October 1, the suspect was found in a home in the city of Fresno “said SJPD.

According to the police inquiry, her uncle and her spoke on the phone at approximately one in the afternoon. According to a US publication, investigators also discovered security footage that showed Sital Dosanjh’s black Silverado pickup truck entering the parking lot at 1:17 pm, passing his daughter-in-car law’s at 1:23 pm, and then leaving the lot at 1:30 pm.

Gurpreet Kaur Dosanjh’s uncle reportedly informed authorities that his niece “was in the process of divorcing (the) suspect’s son” and that the husband and his father resided in Fresno, according to police reports published in the publication.

In the meanwhile, on Thursday, the bodies of four members of an Indian-origin family, including an eight-month-old newborn who was reported missing from Merced County, were discovered in an orchard. In connection with the case, one individual has been placed into police custody.

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