Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Man held for impersonating Spanish actor to trap young girls

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The north-east Delhi Cyber Police branch detained a guy on Wednesday for allegedly imitating Spanish star Manu Rios in order to lure young females on social media.

Abbuzar Rehman has been recognized as the accused (22). The accused attempted to extort money by threatening to release images of these females. According to the police, “The accused was accused of extorting money from her and threatening to make her photographs popular on social media, according to a complaint filed at the Cyber police station via the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Cyber Crime reporting system. A case was opened at PS Cyber North based on the complaint, and an investigation was launched. On Monday, the culprit was apprehended by police.”

Three sim cards, one memory card, and two mobile phones used in the crime were retrieved by police.

The offender allegedly introduced himself to the complainant as a small-time Spanish actor. She eventually became his buddy and shared her intimate photos with him.

According to accounts, Abbuzar began demanding money from her and threatening to make her photos popular on social media. When the complainant refused to budge on his requests, the accused created a false ID for her using one of her private images and shared it with her to scare her.

According to the police, information about the supposed Instagram profile were collected throughout the course of the inquiry, and on the basis of those facts, IP addresses and cell numbers used in the registration of the putative profile were retrieved.

“These IP addresses were then forwarded to the relevant cellphone providers, where the mobile number and IMEI No. used in the incident were discovered and the identity of the suspected offender was established,” police authorities stated.

The accused was issued with a notice under Section 41 A of the CRPC, in accordance with the rules established by the Supreme Court in the Arnesh Kumar v/s State case.

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