PM Modi Highlights Revolutionary Impact of Digitalization in India at G20 Meeting

12 June, 2023 | newsx bureau

Modi National

Addressing the G20 Development Ministers’ Meeting, PM Modi said, “Democratisation of technology is an important tool to help bridge the data divide”.

On June 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the G20 Development Ministers’ Meeting via video conference. The G20 participants were greeted by the Prime Minister in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing the G20 Development Ministers’ Meeting, PM Modi said, “Democratisation of technology is an important tool to help bridge the data divide”. He added, “In India, digitalisation has brought about a revolutionary change”.

“I am happy to see that Kashi has also been included in the G20 development agenda.”
PM Modi started his address by showing his concern about the impact of the pandemic on the global south. For the developing world, development is a crucial concern. He said that the food, fuel, and fertilizer crises because of geopolitical tension have created another blow and in such situations the decisions we make carry great significance for humanity as a whole. Adding to this, he emphasized an individual role in maintaining humanitarian values in society. PM Modi requested collective responsibility of Indians working towards Sustainable Development.

Talking about the World’s action plan to tackle it, PM talked about The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, which were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs are integrated—they recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

PM Modi welcomed the delegates to Varanasi, the oldest living city known for its rich heritage and cultural diversity, and emphasized that development is a core issue for the Global South. He highlighted the significant impact of the global Covid pandemic and geopolitical tensions on countries of the Global South, emphasizing the responsibility to make decisions that benefit humanity as a whole. “I am delighted that the G20 development agenda has reached Kashi as well. Development is a core issue for the global south…I strongly believe that it is our collective responsibility not to let the sustainable development goals fall behind. We must ensure that no one is left behind,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister called for comprehensive, inclusive, fair, and sustainable efforts to increase investment in fulfilling the SDGs and finding solutions to address debt risks faced by many countries. He urged the reform of multilateral financial institutions to expand eligibility criteria for finance accessibility. PM Modi also shared India’s successful model of development in over a hundred Aspirational Districts and encouraged the G20 Development Ministers to study this approach. “In India, we hold great respect for rivers, trees, mountains, and all elements of nature”, the Prime Minister said, as spoke on the traditional Indian thought which promotes a pro-planet lifestyle,” said The PM.

Recognizing the importance of high-quality data, the Prime Minister highlighted India’s digitalization efforts, which have brought about revolutionary change by empowering people, increasing data accessibility, and ensuring inclusivity. He expressed India’s willingness to share its experiences with partner countries to promote data-driven discourse, development, and delivery in developing nations.

PM Modi also emphasized the need for pro-planet lifestyles based on traditional Indian thought, which values nature and sustainability. He applauded the launch of Mission Life, a set of High-Level Principles for climate action, and underscored the significance of gender equality and women’s empowerment in achieving the SDGs. The Prime Minister urged the adoption of an Action Plan for Women-led Development, highlighting the role of women as agents of growth and change.

Furthermore, PM Modi encouraged the visiting delegates to experience the spirit of Varanasi by participating in the Ganga Aarti and visiting Sarnath. “I am confident that experiencing the Ganga Aarti and visiting Sarnath will inspire you to achieve your desired results”. the Prime Minister said. He conveyed his best wishes for the success of the deliberations and the fulfilment of Agenda 2030, representing the aspirations of the Global South.