Saturday, December 9, 2023

Santy Sharma announces his new collaboration song “Gangsta”

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Recently Ganesh Sharma aka Santy Sharma Announced his new music video Gangsta & To add to his kitty, Gangsta is a tinge of spice on the rap portfolio Santy owns. With more than 6 releases on youtube liked and savoured by lakhs of people, Gangsta has a legacy of off-beat music produced and sung by Santy Sharma.

The “Gangsta” song also features Nitesh A.K.A. Nick who is a famous rapper from Himachal Pradesh has already created ripples in the music industry with Bawa, Pahadi Ladki, Afwa, Safar, etc & With Nick and Santy as the performing pair, Gangsta is gonna be a lasting fun. Gangsta is all ready to hit the ears in December 2021. The fans are already been informed by social media.

“Gangsta song is not just about to flex on music, it`s something different for upcoming Rap Revolution”, Says Santy Sharma.

Ganesh Sharma as known as Santy Sharma is an Indian Singer & Rapper. He is one of the youngest, finest, and 1st leading Rapper from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India. He was born on 09 September 1996 in Ratlam, Madhya, Pradesh, India.

Santy Sharma is one of the leading rap artists from the music industry With numerous hit songs released on youtube, Santy Sharma is a sensational and influential character throbbing in the hearts of the audience. Santy’s career started in 2016 as a Singer & Rapper where he released many songs on youtube. Santy also performed for various Musical Platforms and live shows. With the advent of 2017 Santy ventured into Rap and in no time became famous as a rapper with a series of releases like Suni Suni Sadko, Udaan, Peeta Daaru, Tribute, Killin, and recently he has released a Collaboration track Choco Moco featuring Mumbai based rapper Nazz.

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