Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Switzerland only country to celebrate 75 years of friendship with India: Swiss envoy

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Celebrating the long-standing camaraderie between Switzerland and India, Ambassador Ralf Heckner expressed, “Switzerland stands as the sole nation celebrating 75 years of friendship with India.” The event, characterized by the vibrant Swiss Art Night, underscored the values of harmony, solidarity, and artistic partnership that have defined this exceptional bond.

In his speech, Ambassador Heckner highlighted India’s decision 75 years ago to designate Switzerland as its first ally, solidifying a friendship treaty that envisioned enduring peace and unwavering camaraderie between the two nations. “Today, we commemorate 75 years of friendship between Switzerland and India. 75 years back, India chose Switzerland as its initial treaty partner, where the agreement emphasized a perpetual commitment to peace and unwavering friendship. These words were truly visionary. In a world seeking greater perpetual peace and unwavering friendship, this sentiment holds immense significance,” expressed Heckner.

Further, he clarified, “We are not just celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations; Switzerland exclusively marks 75 years of friendship with India, as India selected Switzerland as its first treaty partner post-independence.” Amidst global unrest, the Swiss embassy’s emphasis on peace and friendship was particularly poignant, as remarked by Heckner, “Amidst times of conflict, the Swiss embassy celebrates peace and friendship. That encapsulates today’s essence. We also rejoice in the collaboration between Swiss and Indian communities.”

He emphasized the shared goal of fostering collaboration and joint innovation between the two countries, stating, “The perpetual objective of this embassy and the entire Swiss network in India is to witness the collaborative efforts of Swiss and Indian individuals, working and co-creating together. I extend my warm wishes for an evening of friendship and peace to all of you,” conveyed the Swiss envoy.

The Swiss Art Night, themed “Switzerland and India in Bloom,” served as a fitting tribute to this exceptional alliance, symbolizing the flourishing of their 75-year relationship. The theme of blooming flowers encapsulated the spirit of their connection, with a captivating flower exhibition featuring the creations of Swiss and Indian floral artists, he added.

The Swiss Ambassador also emphasized the event’s message of peace and friendship, stating, “The message we aim to convey today is one of peace and friendship, mirroring the objectives of our bilateral treaty. Over the past 75 years, Switzerland and India have cherished a journey of peace and friendship,” he informed media.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, India and Switzerland have maintained affable and amicable relations since India’s independence, rooted in common values of democracy and the rule of law.

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