US Elections 2020: Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal receives massive backlash on Paneer Tikka post

3 November, 2020 | Rakshanda Afrin

US election 2020: Here's why Paneer Tikka is trending on Twitter Offbeat

US election 2020: Netizens saw a rather unusual but Twitter trend during such high anticipated Presidential Race to the White House. Yes, Paneer Tikka has been trending and Congresswoman Pramila Ja...

US election 2020: Amid a surging COVID-19 pandemic in the country, Americans will decide the fate of incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden through their votings. Netizens saw a rather unusual but Twitter trend during such high anticipation Presidential race to the White House. Paneer Tikka has been trending all over the world. Yes, you heard it right, Paneer Tikka, a favourite North Indian food has become the talk of the town on Twitter during the final leg of the race.

The name behind trending this North Indian delicacy was Indian-American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. In support of Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, Jayapal had tweeted about making paneer tikka the night before the election. She wrote that she prepared the food in honour of electing Harris who seemed to have said that her favourite Indian food is all kinds of tikka. But clearly, it didn’t impress many Twitterati and the chain of massive backlashes followed.

But it is Twitter and nothing can go unnoticed and rather Jayapal’s preparation called for a lot of reactions and massive reactions. Netizens have been flooding the Internet with their version of the recipe and clearly, everyone is divided over her recipe. Many called her photo showing off the dish as cheap, unnecessary stunt just before the elections. While there were several criticising her dish that she couldn’t even make an actual paneer tikka.

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Clearly, the results of US Elections might take some time longer and also Jayapal and netizens debacle to reach some common ground but till then there’s a clear winner, Paneer Tikka. It has been all over the Internet with some even showing their own preparation of the dish and endless memes.  If Kamala Harris emerges winner she will be the first person of Indian descent to hold a major political office in the United States.