Nuh: Schools to Reopen Today After Being Closed For 10 Days Due to Communal Violence

11 August, 2023 | Anamika Singh Parihar

Nuh National

Haryana schools and educational institutions will reopen on August 11, after 10 days of communal violence.

On Friday, August 11, schools and educational institutions in Haryana’s Nuh district will reopen after being shut since July 31 due to communal violence. Haryana State Transport services will also resume full operation from August 11.

Additionally, officials have requested Muslim clerics to conduct Friday prayers at their residences and promote the same practice among the public.

In the nearby Gurugram district, Mufti Saleem Qasmi, the president of Jamiat Ulama, advised people to avoid conducting Friday prayers in open areas and instead suggest praying in mosques or at their own homes.

In an order issued on August 10, Nuh District Magistrate Dhirender Khadgata said, “In view of the normal situation in the area, it has been decided to open all educational institutions from August 11. Similarly, bus services of Haryana State Transport are also being fully restored from August 11,” reported PTI.

Violent clashes occurred in Nuh, a Muslim-majority area, resulting in six fatalities, which included two home guards and a religious leader. The conflict arose on July 31 when a procession organized by Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) for the Braj Mandal Yatra was assaulted by mobs. Gurugram also experienced isolated instances of unrest.

Gurugram Police Commissioner Kala Ramachandran stated that 37 FIRs have been filed relating to the communal clashes. Over 70 arrests have been made, and 93 individuals were held for questioning; among them, 80 have been released after interrogation.

During a press conference, the senior police official warned against spreading rumors or false information on social media. She mentioned that certain disruptive elements are trying to provoke disturbances and create unrest. She emphasized that the law will eventually catch those responsible.

“The situation is normal today and residents have no need to fear. Having said that, they should not pay heed to rumors being circulated on the internet. So far, four cases have been registered for spreading rumors on social media,” Ramachandran said reported PTI.

Regarding the alleged lynching of Bajrang Dal member Pradeep Sharma in Sohna and the reported arrest of AAP leader Javed Ahmed, the police commissioner stated that an investigation is in progress and appropriate legal action will be taken.

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