PM Modi In Ambala Says His 'Dhaakad' Government Demolished The Walls Of Article 370

PM Modi noted that the people of Haryana are aware of anti-national forces and predicted the defeat of the INDIA bloc on June 4. Read on to know the details

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted on Saturday, May 18 that adversaries of the nation must think twice before attempting any harm due to the powerful government in place.

At an election rally in Ambala, Modi referenced Pakistan, stating that the country, which troubled India for the past 70 years, is now left begging due to the BJP’s strong government at the Centre.

What Did PM Modi Say In Ambala?

While addressing the rally, PM Modi stated, “When there is a powerful (‘dhaakad’) government in the country, enemies think 100 times before acting. Pakistan had been troubling India for 70 years with bombs in its hands. Today, it has a begging bowl. A strong government makes enemies tremble.”

He further emphasized that his government effectively abolished Article 370. “Could a weak government have changed the situation in Jammu and Kashmir? Remember the Congress era when brave mothers of Haryana were constantly worried? For the past 10 years, that has stopped. Modi’s strong government demolished Article 370, paving the way for Kashmir’s development,” he stated.



PM Modi: Congress Kept The Indian Armed Forces’s Capabilities Weak

PM Modi noted that the people of Haryana are aware of anti-national forces and predicted the defeat of the INDIA bloc on June 4.  “Only 17 days remain until June 4 (the counting day). In four election phases, Congress and the INDI Alliance have been thoroughly defeated. Haryana, with its inherent patriotism, recognizes anti-national forces,” he said.

Accusing Congress of betraying the armed forces, Modi claimed the opposition party wanted to import arms to earn commissions and profits.

“Congress kept the Indian armed forces weak to profit from importing arms. Our soldiers lacked proper clothes, shoes, and bulletproof jackets. They didn’t have good rifles. I initiated a campaign to make the Indian army self-reliant. Today, the army receives Made in India weapons. India, once an importer of weapons, now exports them,” Modi said.

PM Modi also highlighted that the BJP government brought back copies of Guru Granth Sahib from Afghanistan in 2021 during the Taliban takeover and started celebrating ‘Veer Bal Diwas’ in memory of Sahibzadas. Modi claimed he has governed effectively for 10 years in a “dhaakad” manner.

“Haryana signifies ‘courage’ and ‘determination.’ Just like Haryana, Modi has governed strongly for 10 years. Seeing Rafale aircraft in Ambala’s skies should make you proud. I seek your blessings for another 5 years,” he said.

Voting for all 10 seats in Haryana will occur in a single phase on May 25.