Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pakistan claims Kabul assassination bid: Is Taliban support backfiring?

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Pakistan claims that their envoy to Kabul was targeted for murder after his guard was shot yesterday. Shehbaz Sharif has denounced the attack and asked that the Taliban administration conduct a thorough investigation.

This demonstrates how weak Pakistan’s connections are with the Taliban. Tehreek-e-Taliban ended their truce with Pakistan a few days ago and declared national strikes against the government.

Following Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani’s admission that Pakistan played a part in the founding of the Taliban has gone viral. She also went to Kabul a few days ago to try to fix these difficulties, but she was met with a strong response. Let’s discuss what she has to say and then talk about the implications of the Taliban’s backfire.

According to Hina, Pakistan has taken on more than its fair share of responsibilities. She stated “Hussain Haqqani would understand if he were sitting in Pakistan as the country has made many mistakes. But Pakistan has learned the right lessons from history.”

“Pakistan is emerging from the shadows while many countries are receding. We are willing to accept the mistakes of the past. Please do not judge Pakistan in 2021 with the role played in 1996. The US created the mujahideen” she added.

As the situation between the Taliban and Pakistan worsened, FM Hina met with Taliban Foreign Minister Muttaqi despite accusations of a snub from the Defence Minister.

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