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Rohingyas cause serious ramifications on country’s economy, environment: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina at UNGA

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According to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Rohingya refugees are seriously affecting Bangladesh’s economy, ecology, security, and sociopolitical stability. She encouraged the UN to take an “effective role” in resolving this issue.

“Prolonged presence of Rohingyas in Bangladesh has produced major consequences on the economy, environment, security, and socio-political stability,” Bangladesh’s prime minister declared during his speech to the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The uncertainty surrounding the repatriation, according to PM Hasina, who is also in New York for the UNGA, has caused widespread annoyance throughout the nation, and cross-border organised crime, including drug and people trafficking, is on the rise.+

“The environment can even encourage radicalism. If the issue continues, it might have an impact on the region’s and the world’s security and stability “Hasina said as PM.

Hasina said that despite talks with Naypyidaw and talks with the UN, “not a single Rohingya was returned to their ancestral homes in Myanmar” throughout the five years of the Rohingya mass migration from Myanmar to Bangladesh in 2017.

“The return of Rohingya has become increasingly challenging due to the nation’s continued political unrest and armed strife. In this sense, I think the UN will play a useful role “she added.

“We must demonstrate that the UN is essential to the multilateral system in times of crisis. Therefore, the UN must take the initiative and endeavour to live up to everyone’s expectations in order to win the trust and confidence of the people at all levels “She spoke.

She said, “Bangladesh has the opinion that hostility, such as hostilities or economic sanctions and counter-sanctions, can never be beneficial to any country. The greatest method for resolving conflicts and crises is dialogue.”

Hasina urged the international community to put an end to the weapons race, war, and sanctions in order to create a more peaceful world today, placing the highest significance on diplomacy to address crises and disagreements.

She pleaded with the global community, “Stop the weapons race, violence, and sanctions. Ensure food and children’s safety. Build peace.”

Without addressing the sources of violence, she added, “We feel we cannot preserve peace.”

We share one planet, and we owe it to our future generations to leave it in a better state, Sheikh Hasina remarked, expressing her desire to see a peaceful world with improved collaboration and solidarity, shared wealth, and joint efforts.

The Bangladeshi prime minister discussed the Rohingyas on her most recent visit to India this month, saying that the migrants are a “huge burden” on Bangladesh and that the government is working with the international community to facilitate their return to their place of origin.

Hasina acknowledged to the news agency that the presence of thousands of Rohingyas in Bangladesh has presented difficulties for her government.

“You see, it’s a major load for us. India is a huge country; you can find accommodations but not much. However, there are 1.1 million Rohingya living in our nation. We are engaging with the international community and our neighbouring nations, and we urge them to take similar action so that they can return home “added Hasina.

The prime minister of Bangladesh stated that her nation has made an effort to care for the displaced population while keeping the humanitarian component in mind.
In the past, Rakhine state in Myanmar has seen a significant flow of Rohingya into Bangladesh.

August saw the fifth year of the Rohingya mass migration from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

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