Drug Dealer Held In High-Speed Chase, Throws Herion On Road

The bag contained about two kilograms of heroin worth 285,000 pounds. Read onto know more

A drug dealer tried to escape the police while involving a chase and throwing drugs out of his window. He was arrested at Manchester Airport, as reported by The Metro.

The police started chasing the man, Neil Corrigan, 42, near Warrington but he led them on a high-speeding chase on the M56 across the traffic and driving even on the wrong side. The man tried to get rid of the evidence and threw a huge black bag from his van. The bag contained about two kilograms of heroin worth 285,000 pounds.

The man was caught by a police officer at Manchester Airport after his van crashed into a parking barrier in an attempt of trying to run.

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Corrigan was sent to prison for five years implying various charges including drug offence, driving without insurance, rash and dangerous driving, and failing to stop. His driving license has also been canceled for more than five years.

Authorities complimented the operation. Chief Inspector John Forshaw told The Metro after sentencing: “This is another fantastic result that has led to the removal of a large quantity of illegal drugs from the streets of Cheshire and further afield. The manner of Corrigan’s driving was extremely dangerous, showing no regard for the safety of innocent members of the public as part of his failed attempt to flee officers.”

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“Thankfully, we were able to bring the pursuit to a safe conclusion, and Corrigan is now being held accountable for his actions”, he concluded.