Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in San Francisco for talks with Biden

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has touched down in San Francisco for crucial talks with US President Joe Biden, marking the 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. CNN reports that the meeting, set against a backdrop of escalating global challenges, aims to address the deteriorating relations between the two nations. White House aides view the summit as a positive step forward after months of tension, with both leaders hoping to establish a “framework” for managing competitive relations, clarifying misperceptions, and avoiding surprises.

US officials emphasize a realistic approach, downplaying expectations for immediate outcomes. The talks are expected to cover a range of issues, including restoring military communication, conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, potential cooperation on climate change and countering narcotics trafficking, human rights concerns, and military tensions in the South China Sea and around Taiwan. The discussions are anticipated to be extensive, spread across multiple working sessions.

Against the backdrop of conflicts in West Asia and Ukraine, President Biden is keen on preventing additional crises and restoring stability to the Washington-Beijing relationship. Military-to-military communication and pressing China to play a constructive role in global conflicts are among Biden’s key priorities in the discussions. The world watches as these leaders navigate complex issues in an effort to shape the future of Sino-American relations.

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