Bengaluru’s love for biryani leaves netizens divided: 1.5 km long queue for a plate of Biryani? Admirers say ‘It’s too delicious’

11 October, 2020 | Rakshanda Afrin

People queue up for biryani at Hoskote eatery Offbeat

Video goes viral of customers standing in a 1.5 km line for biryani at Hoskote area of Bengaluru. Yes, you heard it right. 4 am in the morning for biryani! Watch here.

A customer can be heard talking about him turning up as early as 4 am in the morning to get a plate of biryani. Yes, you heard it right. 4 am for the biryani!  Amid COVID-19 pandemic, in a quite unusual sight, food lovers in Bengaluru queued up to buy biryani from a famous restaurant in Hoskote every morning. Another customer can be heard saying how the food is too delicious, and it’s worth the wait even if the wait makes one standing in a 1.5 km line for the biryani. 

After the Covid-19 induced lockdown were relaxed, ‘Anand Dum Biryani’, has been doing business in a quite unusual way. The biryani outlet is witnessing hundreds of loyal customers queuing up since early morning to order biryani from their shop located in the Hoskote area of Bengaluru. Definitely, the biryani lovers might have missed that particular delicacy of this shop quite evidently.

The restaurant owner admitted to selling more than thousands of kilograms of biryani in one day. That’s evidently too much biryani to serve since the early hours of the morning. The owner told that since he opened the stall 22 years ago, the business has been running riot. The loyal customers are seen wearing masks but the social distancing advisories of the State government has been put to rest. Ever since the visuals came out the reactions flooding twitter are hilarious and unstoppable. Netizens are now divided between whether one should have biryani in the morning or is the food vaccine free. 

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But the craze for this plate of biryani might not stop any time soon. Another customer boasted about how it is his first time in the queue but the reputation of the biryani has been validated by too many food bloggers and it is all over the Internet. So clearly he doesn’t wait to miss his chances.

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