Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Secret of Making A Fortune in Digital World, Hear it from Youngest Entrepreneur Siddiqui Subhani

In this highly competitive world, everyone is looking to make a living as lavish and good as it can be possible. However, there are very few people, who have found a way to make it possible. It is a well-spoken truth that youngsters hold the key to the success of any nation, as they have the power to achieve anything they set their eyes on. Today we are going to talk about Siddiqui Subhani, the youngest entrepreneur who is rocking the world of digital media.

Hailing from a small town in the northern state of India, Siddiqui started thinking big at a very young age. He had a keen eye on what’s happening in the world. At the age of 16, he knew the importance of the internet, as he set out to do something in digital marketing. With the support of his parents Inayat Ullah and Rehana Siddiqui, he headed to Mumbai and started his struggle for his passion.

 Siddiqui Subhani worked at multiple organizations handling several important profiles ranging from digital campaigns to managing viral content. He has worked on several social and digital media campaigns for movies and top celebrities. He worked as the COO of one of the top viral content portals, Filmymantra. He formed a close friendship with Murtaza Rangwala.

 Now, Subhani along with Murtaza founded a brand new viral content portal named WideEyes with the sole purpose of offering top quality articles to the billions of internet users. In his extraordinary journey, he faced lots of challenges but he always knew how to bounce back. He never bowed down to the challenges rather he made it his strength. He learned from his failures and built himself upon it. Currently, he is one of the most influential entrepreneurs at the age of 20.

 The never-ending quest for quality makes Siddiqui Subhani different from others. He has always emphasized on delivering quality content to its users. With almost everyone having a Smartphone, the appetite for quality content is huge and he is looking to tap into it. 

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