Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Congress Leader Abhishek Singhvi Warns Against ‘Jitni Abadi, Utna Haq’ Consequences

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Abhishek Manu Singhvi, a senior advocate, Rajya Sabha MP and national spokesperson for the Congress, diverges from his party’s stance on population-based rights, cautioning about potential consequences. Singhvi highlights the risk of the slogan ‘the greater the population, the greater the rights’ leading to majoritarianism.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP, endorses the ‘Jitni Abadi, Utna Haq’ slogan, asserting it as a party pledge. He reiterates this call for population-based rights following the release of Bihar’s caste-based survey data.

Prime Minister Modi responds, emphasizing his focus on the welfare of the poor, countering Congress’ population-based rights narrative. He questions whether Congress intends to diminish minority rights and calls for prioritizing the needs of the impoverished.

The Bihar government’s caste survey data reveals significant demographics that may impact the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Other Backward Caste (OBC) and Extremely Backward Class (EBC) together constitute 63 percent of the state’s population.

PM Modi continues to critique Congress, referencing former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s position on minority resource allocation. He questions whether Congress now seeks to alter minority rights and advocates for fair representation for Hindus.

The Bihar data indicates the demographic composition, highlighting the percentage of various communities in the state. It also sheds light on the contrast between OBC population size and the 27 percent reservation they receive in government jobs and educational institutions.

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