Headscarf Patrols To Be Resumed By Iran Morality Police Says State Media

17 July, 2023 | Poorti Buttan

Iran World

The Morality Police enforces the Iranian law which states that it is mandatory for women there to cover their hair with a hijab (headscarf) and to wear loose clothing to disguise their figures.

Months after the death of a young lady in their care sparked widespread protests, morality police in Iran will start patrols to ensure that women adhere to rigid Islamic dress standards, claimed by Iran’s state media.

Reportedly, Police will resume car and foot patrols around the nation starting on Sunday, according to Saeid Montazeralmahdi, a spokeswoman for Iran’s enforcement agency, Faraja.

Officers would first issue warnings to women who are disobeying before taking legal action against those who “insist on breaking the norms,” the officer stated.

Morality Police were brought into the public eye when Mahsa Amini, 22, was arrested by the morality police for wearing her hijab (or headscarf) inappropriately in September last year and brought to a “re-education” center where she passed away three days after being arrested.

The Case ignited nationwide protests and gave shocks to the nation posing one of Iran’s most significant domestic threats in more than a decade to the country’s ruling clerical establishment.

Iranian law states that it is mandatory for women there to cover their hair with a hijab (headscarf) and also wear long, loose-fitting clothing to disguise their figures.

The morality police ensure that the women in the region comply with these rules and the officials also tend to detain those who are insisting on breaking the norms.

At least 582 people were executed last year, marking a 75% increase since 2021 as claimed by the Human Rights Organisation. The claim inflicts that Tehran tried to intimidate anti-regime protesters with the surge in executions.