A Massive Gathering Converged In Jharkhand To Attend Prime Minister Rally

‘The ‘Shehzada’ and his party will get even lesser seats than his age’, said PM….read more to know

A massive gathering converged in Chatra district of Jharkhand to attend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally. During his address at the public rally in Chatra, PM Modi remarked that the Shehzada and his Congress party would secure fewer seats than his age.

From a helicopter, a sizable crowd near the rally venue was visible.

“NDA not only will cross 400 in Delhi but will also form govt after winning majority seats in the states where Assembly elections are going on. The ‘Shehzada’ and his party will get even lesser seats than his age,” he said. In his criticism of opposition parties and leaders, PM Modi emphasized that the 2024 elections were not just about forming a government but about safeguarding the nation from corrupt elements. “The 2024 election isn’t solely about government formation. It’s about nation-building, safeguarding against corruption, and securing our children’s future,” he emphasized.

Pointing to the recent cash haul in Jharkhand, the Prime Minister highlighted, “We witnessed vast amounts of money unearthed from JMM and Congress camps. Machines had to be brought from banks just to count the currency. JMM and Congress have a single agenda: obstructionism and corruption. They do nothing but indulge in corruption and impede progress initiated by Modi,” he added.

Accusing the Jharkhand government of being complicit in opium cultivation, PM Modi alleged that it sought to ensnare people into addiction. “The INDI Alliance prioritizes self-interest over public welfare. JMM and Congress have fostered one industry in Jharkhand: the opium trade. Under government protection, this illicit business flourishes, aimed at ensnaring our youth into addiction,” PM stated.

The voting process in Jharkhand will unfold across four phases, from May 13 to June 1. Elections for the 543 Lok Sabha seats are scheduled from April 19 to June 1, with vote counting set for June 4.