Muslim Mosque Has issued This 'Notice', Banned 'These' Things in a Nikaah Marriage.

In a viral post on Insta, Muslim community has issued a notice in Muradabad banning following things in a Nikaah Marriage.

India from a very long has been a melting pot for various religions, faiths and beliefs.

Haldi ceremony, which is a pious ritual of Hindu marriage has been seen in various occasions being performed in Muslim Marriage as well.

But, Muslim Community near Surajnagar,Muradabad didn’t seem to like the cultural exchange. So, on 19th May they issued a notice about banning few things in a nikaah marriage or muslim marriage.

The notice is viral now.

Following are the rules that has been banned –

1. No Haldi ceremony in a nikaah marriage
2. No firecrackers
3. No D.J or speakers and Dance or music during Nikaah.
4. Women will not welcome the groom’s procession (baraat)

Notice on the banned things during Muslim Marriage or “Nikah” issued in Surajnagar
, Muradabad


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Some users were seen to support the notice –


In another recent instance , A ‘Maulana’ refused to read the “nikah-nama” (marriage certificate), because of music and dance in a marriage ceremony.