Passengers Stranded on Air Mauritius Flight Due to Engine Problem and AC Malfunction

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Passengers aboard Air Mauritius Flight MK 749 from Mumbai to Mauritius found themselves in a distressing situation as the flight experienced a significant delay and discomfort due to technical issues.

Originally scheduled to depart at 4:30 am, the flight was grounded for over 5 hours due to an engine problem. Passengers reported being boarded around 3:45 am but were then locked inside the aircraft, enduring extreme discomfort with the air conditioning system malfunctioning.

Among the passengers was a 78-year-old individual named Banudutt Boolauky, who reportedly struggled with breathing difficulties exacerbated by the lack of functioning air conditioning. Despite attempts to seek assistance by contacting airport authorities and Air Mauritius, passengers claimed that their efforts were unsuccessful.

“A 78-year-old passenger on the plane, Banudutt Boolauky, has developed breathing problems as Acs are not working and he is lying at the back of the plane. Have contacted the airport helpline and Air Mauritius but nothing has been done so far,” stated one of the passengers.

As the situation persisted, passengers were left waiting for resolution. Eventually, it was reported that the flight had been cancelled, and arrangements were being made to accommodate the affected passengers. However, there has been no official statement from the airline regarding the incident at the time of reporting.

The ordeal highlights the challenges faced by passengers when flights encounter technical issues, emphasizing the importance of prompt communication and assistance from airlines to ensure the safety and comfort of travelers.