North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Puts Ban On Red Lipstick

The leadership of Korea sees the colour red as a symbol of capitalism which has led to the banning of red lipstick

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un imposed a ban on red lipstick. The ban extends to fashion and cosmetic products for women who are not even allowed to wear heavy makeup. The Korean government restricted popular fashion and global cosmetic brands in the country. In case of disobedience, there can be severe punishments.

What are the reasons behind the ban of red lipstick?

The leadership of Korea sees the colour red as a symbol of capitalism which has led to the banning of red lipstick. Though, red has always been attached to communism, Kim Jong Un relates it to the Western culture. Following the same, heavy makeup is also not tolerated in the country. So, as per the law, women are only permitted to wear minimal makeup.

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This does not end here. The regime also thinks that wearing red lipstick and heavy makeup makes them look attractive, hence it contradicts the government’s emphasis on keeping things with simplicity and decency.

Certain bans are not purely ideological but rather personal in nature. According to reports, specific fashion trends such as black trench coats or the signature swept-back hairstyle of Mr. Jong Un are prohibited simply because the supreme leader doesn’t want people imitating him. To enforce these regulations, they employ the “Gyuchaldae,” also known as the fashion police, who closely monitor everyone’s appearance.

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North Korea‘s restrictions on personal appearance go beyond red lipstick. In recent times, the Kim Jong Un regime has prohibited various items and styles associated with capitalist ideology, such as skinny or blue jeans, body piercings, and specific hairstyles like mullets and long hair for women. Only hairstyles approved by the state are permitted for both men and women.

In the case of not following the rules, North Korea has extremely strict laws and severe punishments including forced labour, torture, life-imprisonment etc.