Hajipur Becomes 2nd Fastest Developing City In Bihar, And There's A Russian Connection

Competence Exports, a private limited company headquartered in Hajipur, specializes in producing safety shoes primarily for Russian companies.

There’s a perception that Bihar is an underdeveloped state,  where people often struggle to find even the basic necessities of life, however, this isn’t the case. Hajipur a small city in Bihar has emerged as the 2nd fastest developing city in Bihar next to Patna. Believe it or not, this often-ignored city has a strong links to Russia.

Just a few hours away from the Bihar capital – Patna this small city of Hajipur located on the banks of river Ganga is known for its bulk harvest of Bananas. But that’s not it. This city is carving a niche for itself on the global stage by venturing into footwear manufacturing adding from safety shoes for the Russians to designer footwear tailored for European markets.

The Company Behind This