Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Kyle Mufti’s Top Construction Firm Encourages More Focus on Community, Less on Profits

North American Concrete is one of the largest and leading concrete contractors in Canada. They have a strong reputation as being a cornerstone in the community with ongoing donations and fundraising drives throughout the year. We took a moment to speak with the CEO Kyle X. Mufti, pictured above handing out turkeys to over 200 families in need.

“The need for involvement from both small and large business is more important now than ever before. COVID-19 made a big impact on many that are still dealing with the aftermath. I believe that putting revenue and closing quarters ahead of charity will eventually take away from your bottom line. The relationships built at a grass roots level serves both you and your community for years to come.” Says the 28-year-old entrepreneur.

Mr. Mufti has a long-standing reputation of giving back, and it’s done well for him. After starting his first corporation at 18 years old in the construction industry, Kyle is now the CEO of Mufti Holdings Inc with a diverse portfolio of companies in Canada and the United States. As a well-developed businessman, there’s a lot we can learn from the culture and support he and his staff hold sacred. Being genuine, charitable, and hardworking really is the way to the top.

I wanted to ensure that everyone in the community has full table on Thanksgiving. I remember times growing up when our family wasn’t in a financial position to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner. Hard times come and go, but it’s the community that helps one another get through them. We will continue to be there whenever our community needs a hand. We’re grateful this Thanksgiving to see Kendalwood Food Bank and Feed the Need work so hard.”

The encouragement of more companies working with local organizations to help those in need is what holiday spirit is all about. Follow @KyleMufti and @NorthAmericanConcrete for their ongoing projects and involvement on Instagram and Facebook.



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