Wednesday, November 29, 2023

PM Modi to declare Modhera as India’s first solar-powered village today

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The Gujarat government, which provided information in a series of tweets, claimed that more than 1000 solar panels had been erected on village homes, providing the residents with electricity 24 hours a day. Significantly, they will receive cost-free solar electricity. Modhera is well-known for its Sun Temple.

According to the Gujarat administration, it has made sure that numerous welfare initiatives are implemented sustainably in Gujarat while also keeping in mind the Prime Minister’s goal of expanding the usage of renewable energy in India.

Modhera’s Sun Temple, a protected ancient site, will acquire a 3-D projection facility on October 9. According to the Gujarat government, PM Modi will dedicate the solar-powered 3-D display, which will inform tourists about the history of Modhera.

Heritage lighting has been put on the temple grounds as part of the renovation. People can visit the temple between the hours of 6 and 10 pm to see the lighting. Every evening, the 3-D projector will be in use.

On the Pushpavati River in the Mehsana district, Modhera is home to the Sun Temple. King Bhima-I of the Chaulukya dynasty constructed it around 1026–1027.

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