BJP Encircles Shashi Tharoor Over Uttar Pradesh Post on 'X'

The BJP on Sunday, blasted on Shashi Tharoor over his post on Uttar Pradesh. BJP iterated it as UP’s insult.

The Congress MP’s recent post taking a sarcastic jibe at the controversial NEET-UG 2024 results calls backlash from the minister of Uttar Pradesh and leaders of BJP.

Tharoor shared a viral post that shows an answersheet with a question “Uttar Pradesh kise kehte hai?”
and the answer writes, “Woh pradesh jahan pariksha se pehle uttar pata chal jaaye use Uttar Pradesh kehte hain. (The state where answers are known before the exams is called Uttar Pradesh).”

After this post, The Bharatiya Janata Party leaders blasted on Tharoor and took the post as an insult to the people of Pradesh.

Responding to Tharoor’s post, Union minister Jitin Prasada wrote, “I don’t see the humour in running down my state and its people by stereotyping them with such condemnable remarks. Such an insult to UP is deplorable and must be condemned in strongest words.”

BJP spokersperson CR kesavan writes to Tharoor that he is a ‘repeat offender’ and alleged that he has said similar things and insulted the people of the North-East as well by mocking their traditional attires, calling them ‘outlandish’.

“To belittle a serious issue, implying that the state of UP is a state of cheaters is indefensible and unpardonable. Splattering fancy English words does not necessarily make one civil and dignified,” he added.

Former Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who was pitted against Tharoor also commented, “Shameless crass politics of shaming other fellow Indians – thats the Congress way, ably demonstrated by this self-titled Global citizen.”

Pointing to Sam Pitroda’s recent statements on Indians, he added, “Runs deep in the Cong DNA, this type of superiority complex.”

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma takes a jibe at Tharoor’s famous english style and mocks his ‘Tharoorian English’.

“This gentleman frequently indulges in satirizing various cultures (first Northeast and now UP) with remarkably caustic words,” wrote Sarma. “He has succumbed to the beguiling whispers of lunacy, his mind adrift in the ethereal mists of derangement.”