CM Nayab Singh Saini On Congress, BJP and Haryana's Future | NewsX Exclusive

In an exclusive interview with NewsX, conducted by Sundar Solanki, Managing Editor of India News Haryana, and Input Editor Vipin Parmar, Nayab Singh Saini shed light on various pressing issues, including the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and his journey in politics.

Nayab Singh Saini, the dynamic Indian politician, has been making waves since assuming office as the 11th Chief Minister of Haryana on March 12, 2024. As the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Haryana since 2023, Saini has been at the forefront of state politics, skillfully navigating its complexities.

In an exclusive interview with NewsX, conducted by Sundar Solanki, Managing Editor of India News Haryana, and Input Editor Vipin Parmar, Nayab Singh Saini shed light on various pressing issues, including the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and his journey in politics.

Saini’s vision for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections reflects his unwavering commitment to serving the people. When questioned about the challenges ahead, particularly in light of the BJP’s previous success in securing all 10 seats in the ‘Dus Ka Dum’ of 2019 under the leadership of Manohar Lal Khattar, Saini expressed confidence.

Nayab Singh Saini said, “In the past decade, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken initiatives that have systematically reached the last person, as he promised in 2014 that his government is dedicated to serving the poor. Looking back, Modi Ji has worked to empower the poor, strengthen infrastructure, address the concerns of farmers, women, and youth. There has been renewed enthusiasm and energy in various sectors as the government has worked to uplift and empower different segments of society. This is the first time a government has taken such concrete steps to strengthen every section of society. Despite political opposition, including criticism from within the Congress party, Modi Ji’s efforts to connect and strengthen every segment of the country through well-thought-out schemes deserve praise and recognition.” Reflecting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s transformative initiatives over the past decade, Saini praised Modi’s dedication to uplifting every segment of society. He highlighted the government’s efforts in empowering the poor, strengthening infrastructure, and addressing the concerns of farmers, women, and youth. Saini’s admiration for Modi’s leadership underscores his alignment with the BJP’s ideology and vision for India’s progress.

Sundar Solanki questioned him, asking, “Sir, as a common worker like yourself, who has repeatedly stated at various platforms that no member of their family has ever been a part of a local council, let alone climb up to the position of Chief Minister, what do you think about the possibility of such things happening in other political parties?”

To which Nayab Singh Saini replied, “No member of my family has ever contested in a panchayat election, and I have mentioned this multiple times. While working for a party, I started as an ordinary worker, worked at the organizational level, started working as a booth worker, gradually moved up as a youth worker, worked with the youth front, then worked in the farmer front, and alongside, I worked within the party structure. I also served as the National Vice President of the OBC (Other Backward Classes) wing of the party. Wherever the party assigned responsibilities, whether it was with the youth front or the farmer front, I worked to address the issues and steps in the interest of the farmers, which needed to be brought to the attention of the government. When I was given the responsibility of the OBC front, I worked to highlight the difficulties faced by the OBC community, and the government paid attention to it. As a result, Prime Minister Narendra Modi listened to all these issues, and for the first time, his government granted constitutional status to the OBC society. Not only did they grant constitutional status, but they also empowered them with constitutional powers. As a result, Modi Ji’s government included 27 members of the OBC community in their cabinet, marking the first time such an inclusion happened under Narendra Modi Ji’s leadership. But sir, the opposition is not recognizing this achievement.” Addressing his own journey in politics, Saini emphasized his humble beginnings as a grassroots worker.

In response to questions about opposition ideologies, particularly that of the Congress party, Saini criticized Congress’ divisive tactics and failure to deliver on its promises. Drawing parallels between Congress’ approach and British colonial tactics, he emphasized the contrast between their divisive politics and the BJP’s agenda of inclusive development. Saini’s sharp critique of Congress reflects his unwavering allegiance to the BJP’s principles and his determination to steer Haryana towards prosperity.

“The Congress ideology aims to weaken the nation by dividing its people and ruling through instigating conflicts, reminiscent of the British colonial tactics of discord and rule. Congress still operates on this policy of division. It’s notable that no small state government remains under Congress’s control. People across the country draw comparisons, especially those educated and influential, who praise the remarkable work done by Modi Ji. Despite Congress’s promises to eradicate poverty over 60 years, it failed to deliver, leading to disillusionment among the poor. Rajiv Gandhi’s remark about funds mismanagement highlights this failure. Unlike him, Modi Ji’s government is actively investing in the welfare of the people, which garners support,” remarked CM Nayab Singh Saini.

Who is Nayab Singh Saini? Nayab Singh Saini, born on January 25, 1970, is an Indian politician who currently serves as the 11th Chief Minister of Haryana since March 12, 2024. He assumed the role of President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Haryana, in 2023. Prior to his tenure as Chief Minister, Saini served as the Member of Parliament from the Kurukshetra Lok Sabha constituency from 2019 to 2024. He also held the position of Minister of State in the Government of Haryana from 2015 to 2019 and served as a member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly from the Naraingarh Assembly constituency from 2014 to 2019. Saini’s ascension to the position of Chief Minister followed the resignation of Manohar Lal Khattar, positioning him as a key figure in Haryana’s political landscape.