Indian Embassy Rescues Thirteen Nationals from Illegal Work in Laos, Continues Repatriation Efforts

Last month, the Indian embassy orchestrated the rescue of 17 Indian workers in Laos, who were subsequently repatriated to India.

Thirteen Indian nationals, who had reportedly fallen victim to illegal employment schemes in centred  in Laos, have been rescued. They are being repatriated to India, according to the announcement made by the Indian embassy in the Southeast Asian country on Sunday. This recent rescue operation is one among the ongoing efforts to safeguard the well-being of Indian citizens abroad.

Last month, the Indian embassy orchestrated the rescue of 17 Indian workers in Laos, who were subsequently repatriated to India.

“In our continued commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Indians abroad, the Embassy successfully rescues and repatriates 13 Indians, including 7 workers from Odisha employed in a wood factory in Attapeu province, and 6 Indian youth from Golden Triangle SEZ in Bokeo province of Laos,” stated the Indian embassy on ‘X’.

The embassy expressed gratitude to the Lao authorities for their cooperation in facilitating the rescue missions. Since the initiation of such efforts, the embassy has successfully repatriated a total of 428 Indians from Laos.

The embassy had also issued a stern warning to Indian nationals seeking employment opportunities in Laos. They urged them to exercise caution and vigilance in order to avoid falling prey to fraudulent or illegal job offers.

“For Indian workers considering employment in Laos/Lao PDR, it is imperative to avoid endangering your safety by falling victim to fake or illegal job offers, including those related to cyber scams,” cautioned the embassy.

The embassy had previously issued an advisory on May 7, cautioning against fake job offers targeting Indian nationals through Thailand. These fraudulent offers, often for positions such as ‘Digital Sales and Marketing Executives’ or ‘Customer Support Service’, are associated with dubious companies engaged in call-center scams and cryptocurrency fraud in Laos’ Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

According to the embassy’s advisory, victims are recruited through agents in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, and India, who conduct simple interviews and tests before illegally transporting individuals across the border from Thailand into Laos. Once in Laos, victims are subjected to harsh working conditions and exploitation by criminal syndicates, often enduring physical and mental abuse.

The embassy revealed instances where Indian workers were coerced into low-cost jobs such as mining and wood factories, facing exploitation and forced labor under strenuous and restrictive conditions.

In light of these challenges, the embassy reiterated its commitment to safeguarding the interests of Indian nationals abroad and cautioned against the risks associated with fraudulent employment offers in Southeast Asia.

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