Busting The Garlic Myth-Separating Fact From Fiction

Garlic can help alleviate some symptoms of acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties that may help lessen the inflammation that occurs in pimples.

Scientific Scrutiny

In principle, garlic intake should promote such results due to its inflammatory property; however, in practice, there are no strictly scientific studies proving the effect of garlic in treating acne. Dr. Emily Rogers, a dermatologist at the National Skin Institute, noted that although mature liquid garlic supplements are beneficial for the skin in general, they do not work miracles and completely tame acne.

Potential Risks of Topical Application

Another skincare specialist, Dr. Michael Thompson explains, “Garlic is not advisable to be applied on the skin directly, as you end up worsening the skin situation, breaking out in rashes in the process. It’s always best to stick with recommended creams that have been clinically proven to be effective. ”

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Evidence-Based Acne Treatments

On issues of skin conditions, dermatologists have suggested that one should avoid going for products that have not been scientifically tested. Example, gel containing benzoyl peroxide, lotion with salicylic acid or other types of retinoids are usually available without prescription and helpful for many individuals. Medications prescribed by a GP, hormonal therapy, and others such as chemical peels and laser treatment also help.

Dr. Rogers says: ‘It is always good to stick with a mild cleansing program with the skin without interfering much with treatments that your dermatologist is giving you. ’ “There can also be certain beneficial effects from diet and lifestyle modifications such diet exclusion and reduction of dairy and high glycemic foods and these should not be overlooked but they should supplement other forms of treatment. ”


While garlic remains a valuable component of a healthy diet, it is not a cure-all for acne. If lovers of garlic believed that this unique vegetable would help them clear their skin acne, then unfortunately it is just a myth. Acne treatment should be a holistic one depending on an individual’s features such as skin type and condition but not the fidelities’ myths.

Consequently, when concerned with achieving clear skin, it is necessary to insist on treatments based on research findings and seek medical advice. While having multiple health benefits for use, it is also important to note that garlic should not be regarded as a medicine that can cure acne.

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