Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Delhi Heatwave: Temperature rises to 47.1 degrees

On Saturday, Delhi saw searing summer heat, with temperatures in certain parts of the city exceeding 47 degrees Celsius.

Mungeshpur saw a maximum temperature of 47.1 degrees Celsius, while Pitampura recorded 46.5 degrees Celsius. A maximum temperature of 46.2 degrees Celsius was recorded at the meteorological station in Najafgarh. However the hottest temperature was 47.5 degrees Celsius in Ganganagar, Rajasthan. The temperature in Hisar, Haryana, was 46.8 degrees Celsius.

Heatwave conditions are expected in scattered areas throughout northwest and central India over the next two to three days, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.

According to the weather service, a heat wave will hit Rajasthan, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi on June 4 and 5.

Heatwave conditions are expected in Vidarbha, Jharkhand, interior Odisha, and Chhattisgarh from June 4 to 6, as well as south Uttar Pradesh and north Madhya Pradesh from June 4 to 8.

It is expected that rainfall activity will rise over South Peninsular India from June 7. During the next five days, it is expected to rain heavily in Northeast India, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, and Sikkim.

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