'Indians Are CEOs Of Top Firms, Our Children Are Dying…', Pakistani lawmaker's Speech Goes Viral

Pakistani lawmaker named Syed Mustafa Kamal recently gave a speech highlighting the stark differences in education and opportunities between Pakistan and India. He pointed out that while India’s IT exports are $270 billion, Pakistan’s are only $7 billion, due to India’s focus on teaching skills in demand globally.

A Pakistani lawmaker named Syed Mustafa Kamal recently talked about how education in Pakistan and India is different. He said that while India taught skills that are now in demand worldwide, Pakistan is lagging behind. He mentioned that India’s IT exports are much higher than Pakistan’s because of their focus on education. Kamal also pointed out the high number of children in Pakistan who don’t have access to schooling, which has been circulating on the internet for some time now.

His speech caused a stir on social media, with some Indian users suggesting Pakistan should compare itself with other countries like Afghanistan or Bangladesh for a more positive outlook.

“Today, if India is booming, it is because they taught what was needed to be taught. Our IT exports are ‘7 billion dollars’, while India’s IT exports are ‘270 billion dollars’,” the MQM-P leader said in a video which is now circulating on social media. During his speech, the Pakistani MP also highlighted the dire state of illiteracy in schools, stating there are over 20 million children who are not able to attend school. “If we just focus on this lack of education, the leaders of the country shouldn’t get any sleep,” the Pakistani MP Syed Mustafa Kamal added.


After the Pakistani lawmaker’s video went viral on X (formerly Twitter), there was a lot of controversy on Indian social media about the comparison made by the MQM-P. “Pakistan should start comparing itself with Afghanistan or Bangladesh; that would hopefully provide a feel-good factor for its sulking politicians. There’s no point in comparing apples to oranges. #India is now in another orbit,” said one of the users on the widely-used microblogging app X.

What is hindering Pakistan’s development is their religious perspective. Once they become secular, they can progress,” wrote another X user. Yet another user said, ‘If enough people in Pakistan want it, change is possible. If and ONLY if. Can they get rid of the Army’s supremacy mixed with lawless terror organizations? It’s going to need generational change and aspirations. Right now it’s turning into Afghanistan.” “I think Pakistan shouldn’t matter anymore. Whether it’s praise or criticism… that beggar nation must cease to exist in our discourse… social media or otherwise.”

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