Slovakian Prime Minister Fico Targeted in Assassination Attempt, Admitted to Hospital in Life-Threatening Condition

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico is hospitalized in critical condition following multiple gunshot wounds, as reported on his official social media. Local sources indicate the 59-year-old leader sustained four shots to the stomach while outside Handlova’s House of Culture.

In a big breaking, Prime minister of Slovakia Robert Fico was shot on stomach on Wednesday, left for hospital in a life-threatening condition. This was reported by his Facebook page, and confirmed by multiple sloval and international media outlets.
The 59 year old was holding a govt. meet outside the house of culture, Handlova. A city which is 90 miles away from capital city Bratislava.

Though one suspect has been detained at the scene. Fico was transported by helicopter to a regional hospital as it appeared urgent to move him immediately.
Police quickly sealed off the scene and photos and video showed at least one man being taken into custody. There were no reports of other suspects on the loose.

More about Prime minister Fico

Fico, a third-time premier, and his leftist the Direction – Social Democracy (Smer) party, won Slovakia’s September 30, 2023 parliamentary elections, staging a political comeback after campaigning on a pro-Russian and anti-American message.

Some people were concerned that if Fico became the leader again, Slovakia might stop being friends with Western countries and start doing things like Hungary, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Many people have gathered multiple times in the capital and other parts of Slovakia to show they don’t like what Fico is doing.

Fico winning in 2023 means it’s his third time being in charge. Before, he was in charge from 2006 to 2010, then from 2012 to 2018, and now again from 2023. Fico is remembered for being the prime minister for a long time in Slovakia’s history, more than ten years altogether.

Early political career
Fico entered politics in 1992, when he was first elected as a member of Sloval parliament, when slovakia was still an extension of czechoslovakia. He then got appointed to the council of Europe, where his career gained quite a momentum. In 1999, Fico founded Direction-Social democracy party, a political movement that he has led since its inception.