Lok Sabha Elections 2024 | NDA Alliance meet Highlights, leaders applauds PM Modi's Leadership

As, the Lok Sabha elections 2024 suffices, it is time to discuss who’s is going to be the PM Candidate from the Majority winning party. So, the NDA alliance on Wednesday held meeting, and the alliance leaders have congratulated PM Modi and extended support to his PM candidacy.

A day after the Lok Sabha election results are out, and the BJP has bagged 240 seats, falling short of the majority mark 272, alone but together with its NDA alliance they have won 293 seats.
And clearly now the alliance is ready to form govt. Today President Murmu also tenders Modi’s resignation from the PM’s post and the NDA alliance also held meeting.

Here are the meet highlights –

1. All leaders congratulated PM for his leadership and the strides our nation has made under him. They appreciated PM’s hardworking and efforts in nation building

2. NDA partners said that the PM has a clear vision for Viksit Bharat and they are partners in this goal

3. They lauded the PM’s role in increasing India’s pride in the world

4. NDA leaders lauded PM’s efforts towards Poverty eradication and pledged to continue the good work

5. PM said that this was a historic mandate for 3rd consecutive government which was last received in India 60 years back

BJP-NDA 2024 Lok Sabha elections results are being alleged as a ‘setback’

Even though the alliance has got majority, but BJP’s ambition of “abki baar, 400 paar”, fell short behind with a huge gap of numbers. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections the BJP scored 303 seats, this time it has not even hit the majority mark of 272 seats, it indeed has dropped down by 63 seats. Also, the biggest shock the party has received is that the vote share in heartland Uttar Pradesh declined from 37.7 percent to 36.56 per cent Even though, exit polls predicted the party making big gains in south, it failed to secure even one seat in Tamil Nadu. However, the BJP for the first time opened its account in Kerala and doubled its seat from 4 to 8 in Telangana.