Monday, August 8, 2022

Coronavirus lockdown: Avika Gaur unveils toughest scene from Balika Vadhu

Avika Gaur has become a brand name just after her first show as a child actor. She has been first seen in Balika Vadhu as Anandi and ruled everyone’s heart. She has made such a strong impression from her acting skills that no one can ever forget her part and her value to the show. She has been entered by a bride who got married at the age of 8, the show was based on child marriage and its consequences. It followed up with several social issues and many scenes from the show made us cry.

During the lockdown, the shooting of new shows has been paused and that is why we are getting a chance to watch these shows again, not just us even the actors are also nostalgic to watch their incredible performances. Avika is super happy to see her back on television with her first-ever lead the show, it made her proud as it was the longest-running shows of her till now.

Avika has been asked by a media portal that which of the scene from Balika Vadhu for very difficult for her. She simply talked about her exit from the show and Pratyusha’s entry being an adult Aanandi. She brings us the day back as she said that her ending was shot on the sand dunes where Pratusha steps in her character as she steps in her foot impression she was sitting on one side and then she faded. As Anandi’s childhood fade away from the show.

It was very difficult for her to shot and she never wanted to leave the show. In fact, many of us never wanted to say goodbye to kid Anandi as she has been attached to all of us. Somewhere we all connected to her feelings.

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