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Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka, March 13, 2020 written updates: Aman learns Laila’s truth

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka, March 13, 2020 written updates: In the last episode we have seen that Aman and Roshani trusted Laila and they did not show their faith in Chandani. Aman and Roshani did a big mistake but they did not realize it. Laila then asked Roshani to bring the piece of the moon so that they could save Sara and Baby. But unfortunately, Laila was not helping them, she was using their family.
Tabeezi regained her conscious and informed Aman that they had to trust Chandani, not Laila. While going to the moon Roshani asked Laila if  Chandani had babies because she asked her to take care of the kids. Laila said that she was making the stories to gain sympathy. She said that it was her plan to trap them, Roshani should not waste time and leave for Minar-E-Ishq.
Aman said that he will also go with Roshani but Laila said that she has to go alone as they cannot go together on the moon. Roshani left for the moon where Aman sends Baazigar with him. Baazigar learned that there is something fishy on this moon, he did not let Roshani touch the moon. Later Tabeezi told Aman that it was an eclipse on that day.

Aman asked how does it will affect Ayana, Tabeezi said it cannot harm Ayana until and unless she is pregnant. Aman recalled their special night and realized that Roshani is Pregnant. Aman tried to reach Roshani by the time he wished that Baazigar saved Roshani.

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