Chinese Gangs Traffick Indian Women to Cambodia; Force Them To Make Nude Calls Back Home

It was recently revealed that Indian women are trafficked to Cambodia by Chinese hackers has recently been revealed.

It was recently revealed that Indian women are trafficked to Cambodia by Chinese hackers has recently been revealed. These women are compelled to strip naked then call hoped-for victims back in their home country. These devious actions came out in the open from Munshi Prakash, who resides in Telangana and was also a victim of the Chinese frauds.

Prakash, a BTech graduate in civil engineering, was working with an IT firm in Hyderabad and had posted his profile on job sites seeking employment abroad. “One Vijay, an agent in Cambodia, called me and offered me a job in Australia. He said I needed travel history before going to Australia and gave me tickets for Malaysia,” explained Prakash, who hails from Mahabubabad’s Bayyaram Mandal.

On March 12, Prakash traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Phnom Penh. There, a local representative of Vijay collected US dollars worth Rs 85,000 from him. Soon after, Chinese nationals seized his passport and took him to Krong Bavet, a large compound with multiple towers. “I was put in Tower C with other Indians. We were given ten days of training to create and use fake social media profiles of girls in Telugu and other languages,” he recounted.

Prakash described the harrowing conditions he endured. he stated that He was locked in a dark room for a week and subjected to torture during the incident. “When I fell sick, they took me out but forced me to continue scamming. I managed to record a selfie video, narrating my traumatic experiences. I sent an email to my sister in Tamil Nadu, who informed the authorities,” he said.

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This action led to the involvement of the Indian embassy and the governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, resulting in Prakash’s rescue. However, Prakash’s ordeal did not end there. After being rescued by Cambodian police on April 16, he was arrested on false charges concocted by the Chinese gang and spent 12 days in jail. “After the authorities found out that the charge was fake, I was deported to Delhi on July 5,” Prakash said. Nine others were rescued with him.

While elaborating more about this, Prakash stressed that the number of Indian victims trafficked to Cambodia is about three thousand the majority from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Among them are the women who are forced to make nude calls from their confinement centers. He meets people originating from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Mumbai, and Delhi all deceived into thinking they would get overseas employment.

This money is then channeled back to the pockets of the cybercriminals through cryptocurrency to USD and then converted to Chinese Yuan. This revelation shows that the level of cybercrime operations that prey on the vulnerable population under the pretext of employment opportunities is worrisome.

The government is called upon to increase the efforts to fight this evil act and facilitate the repatriation of all the abducted people still held captive in Cambodia.