Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Coronavirus India lockdown day 1: Health Ministry confirms 562 cases, people scramble for essentials

Coronavirus India lockdown day 1, Coronavirus India update, COVID-19 Coronavirus India case and death news today: The total number of positive cases of COVID-19 in India has now reached 562 with nine deaths and more than 40 people are cured of the virus as per the Health Ministry. Some hours back, the first case from North East has also been reported with over 40 more cases from various parts of the country like Manipur, Punjab, Telangana, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Karnataka.
For now, Kerala is the worst affected state as its cases have now crossed 109 and the police are also taking strict action on the movement of people, who are not exempted. The second most affected state is Maharastra as the number of cases has now reached 116. Jayanti Ravi from Gujarat Heath, Family Welfare revealed that 38 new cases are reported from Gujarat and 147 people are arrested for not following government orders.
Moreover, to stop the transmission of the virus, Narendra Modi also announced a complete lockdown in the entire country for the next 21 days some hours back. Though in his second address, Modi also announced that there will not be any shortage of essential commodities in this lockdown, the people were still seen scrambling for essential commodities on the first day of lockdown.
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Further, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also mentioned about the people lining up at grocery shops for availing services and urged people not to overcrowd places and requested not to practice panic buying. He then appealed to people that the government will make sure that there will be no shortage of goods.
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Arvind Kejriwal also said that he will issue passes for all those vendors providing these essential commodities. Indian Council of Medical Research revealed that home quarantine is the only way to reduce the number of growing cases by 62% and to flatten the curve.

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