Severe Cyclone 'Remal' Brings Heavy Rain and Gusty Winds to Kolkata

Reports and visuals from outside the historic Raj Bhavan in Kolkata have been reflecting that the city is being battered by relentless rain and strong winds.

The capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata, is experiencing heavy rain and powerful winds as the severe cyclonic storm ‘Remal’ made its landfall on Sunday evening. The cyclone is reported  to have struck between the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The intensity of the cyclone is marked by wind speeds that have been ranging from 110 to 120 kmph, and gusts reaching up to 135 kmph.

Reports and visuals from outside the historic Raj Bhavan in Kolkata have been reflecting that the city is being battered by relentless rain and strong winds. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) reported that Cyclone ‘Remal’ that is situated over the North Bay of Bengal approximately 110 km east of Sagar Islands, is expected to gradually move northwards. It is also anticipated to cross the coasts between Sagar Island and Khepupara, near southwest Mongla in Bangladesh, within the next few hours.

Somnath Dutta, the Eastern Region Head of IMD Kolkata, provided an update on the cyclone’s progress: “The landfall process commenced at 8:30 pm along the Bangladesh and West Bengal coast. Observations at 10:30 pm indicated that the landfall process is still ongoing, and it is expected to be completed by 12:30 am.”

Visuals from Sagar Island showed that the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team has gotten in action. They have been working towards clearing roads that had blocked by the uprooted trees amidst the intense weather conditions.

In anticipation of Cyclone ‘Remal’s’ landfall, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reportedly held a meeting. The meeting was aimed at assessing the preparedness and the measures to prevent protect against the cyclone in the North Bay of Bengal. During the meeting, it was noted that the National Crisis Management Committee is maintaining regular contact with the Government of West Bengal. Precautionary measures that have been taken include advising fishermen to avoid the South Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

The Prime Minister’s Office had also previously released a statement indicating that around 100,000 people are being relocated to safer areas. The IMD is providing regular updates to Bangladesh to aid their preparations. The Prime Minister assured that the central government is fully supporting the West Bengal government and emphasized the need for continued support. He also directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to monitor the situation closely and conduct a review post-landfall to provide necessary assistance for restoration efforts.

Additionally, the Prime Minister has instructed that apart from the 12 NDRF teams already deployed in West Bengal and one in Odisha, additional teams should be on standby, ready to deploy within an hour if needed. The Indian Coast Guard has also been alerted to deploy its assets for any emergencies.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister emphasized that all critical infrastructure, including ports, railways, and highways, should be under high alert to prevent any untoward incidents. In response to the situation, West Bengal Governor Ananda Bose convened an emergency review meeting on Cyclone ‘Remal’. The Raj Bhavan has established a task force to assist the public during this crisis and announced that it would be open to the public for safe accommodation and other support if needed.

As Cyclone ‘Remal’ continues to impact the region, authorities are on high alert and have been working with the aim to mitigate the damage caused by the cyclone. They are also working extensively to ensure the safety of the residents in the areas that have been affected by the cyclone.

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