Kerala: Bomb Explosion In Front Of Police Jeep In Kannur

The incident happened in the conflict zone of CPM and BJP

A bomb was flung in front of a police jeep in the first hours of May 13th, but no injuries have been reported yet. The incident happened in Kannur, a city in Kerala.

The incident occurred around four in the morning when the police was patrolling at Chakarakall Bavot. There were two ‘ice-cream-bombs’ thrown in front of the police vehicle. The bomb was hurled approximately 25 meters away from the police vehicle on the road.

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On May 12th, a clash broke out between the BJP and the CPM over the Chakarakal Bavot temple festival. Immediately after the incident, the police monitoring was increased in the area.

The incident happened in the conflict zone of CPM and BJP. However, the accused have not yet been identified.

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A bomb squad along with a dog squad searched the area but no clue has been found yet.

The police have initiated an investigation about the same. There have not been given any further details of the incident.